Sprouting Kit

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1. Place up to 3/4 cup of sprouting grain in the bag.
2. Place the drain balls in the cup with the bag on top.
3. Fill the cup with tap water and soak the bag for one minute.
4. Pour water out, while holding lid loosely on top of the cup.
5. Set the cup on top of the lid and place in unlit area.
Repeat steps 3 through 5, do this two or three times per day.
Check sprouts after: one day for quinoa, two days for wheat
berries, three days for beans. When sprouts are ready remove
everything from the cup, rinse the cup and wipe it dry. Pour the
sprouts from the bag to the cup, turning the bag inside out. Put
the lid on the cup and place in the refrigerator, ready for use.Cleaning:
Rinse out the bag and wash
components. If a dishwasher
is used place drain balls
inside the bag.
Components in the kit:
Cotton bag
Plastic cup and lid (1 quart)
Plastic drain balls (4)
Recommended Sprouts:
mung beans
hard red wheat berries
Recipe suggestions:
Make dip with 1/2 cup quinoa
sprouts, 1 cup sour cream and
cayenne pepper to taste. Puree
sprouts in a blender with liquid
ingredients and add to pancake,
waffle, or muffin batter. Add
sprouts to salads from a deli or
add to your favorite salad recipe.
Add sprouts to a wrap either raw
or stir fried. Sprinkle sprouts on
top of pizza before baking. When
making bread, grind sprouts with
liquid ingredients in a blender
then add flour.