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Petley Grain is located in Virginia. Research, development, and marketing is done in Newport News. Production distribution, and warehousing is accomplished with help from Integrity Food Group located in West Point. Gluten free products are blended and transferred to sealed bags in a gluten free facility in Kentucky.

Description: Petley Grain is a small, innovative, cost conscious company. Our emphasis is on health and sustainable natural practices with minimum use of chemicals. “Simply naturally good” is the motto that describes our easy to use products.

Company Overview: At Petley Grain we specialize in healthy baking. Waffles and pancakes have made the transition to become a healthy food. Petley Grain was founded to develop healthy waffles and pancakes and to provide the mixes to others. Many people are gluten intolerant or gluten sensitive so many of the mixes are gluten free. This was the start of the Petley Grain company in 2008. Cake mixes were added in 2010 and many other exciting products have since followed. Nutritional value is an important part of all products including the gluten free products. More mixes and baked products are being developed and they will be as healthy and delicious as we can make them.

Mission: Petley Grain is producing healthy foods that people will enjoy. Our motto is “Simply, naturally, good” because we are about innovation using simple natural ingredients.